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July 4, 2011

Day Farms - 100 years  
Nathaniel and I are standing on land that has been in the Day family for over 100 years!

USDA/USDOJ plans to auction this land off to pay for the debts that were created near 100% as a result of natural disasters.

It is like a death in the family. My grandsons are crying and there are simply no words to express our anguish.

The view of my 6 year grandson gives perspective of how my family feels about the farm and farming.

For months our little Nathaniel has asked to go to the farm and ride the tractor and combine.

Sunday morning June 26, 2011 Nathaniel asked again to go the farm and ride the tractor. He was told I had to sell the tractor. He then ask to ride the combine and was told that the combine had to be sold too.

Riding the combine He ran to his bed room and got the key I had given him last year. He said "the combine can not be sold because I have the key".

He then had to be told the farm was to be sold too. He asked "how is Papa going to be able to grow food for people that are hungry?" Papa has the only farm.

He then began to sob for the longest time as my son tried to explain we did not have the only farm.

This a child that has survived so much in his young life and loves the farm and farm equipment. How can I ever tell him I have failed to save the farm for the next generation.

Another 8 year grandson is trying to sell old parts to raise money to save the farm. It is the greatest disappointment and failure of my life because I have given it everything I have and it is not enough.

As a farmer and Papa to these wonderful grandsons and to know the extent in the which the USDA and their representive the USDOJ have done to destroy me as a farmer is unconscionable. The possible crop sabotage, looting, environmental dumping, and literally pennies on the dollar for hard earned farm equimpment and now what appears to be extensive electronic tampering. It seems preposous at times but unfortunately all real, true and documented.

I have always known the system was corrupt but had no idea the breadth and depth. In my wildest imgination I never thought I would be alleging corruption at the level that has occurred to us. Please understand it is an extremely complex relationship that goes back decades with FmHA now FSA being the best friend a farmer can have but then become a worst enemy. I have certainly made enough errors on my part but upon review of my allegations it is apparent there have been targeted adverse actions at key moments that have literally destroyed us.

This link to Adverse Actions provides a brief glimpse of what we have had to go through and is not even half the story.

1. The reason I choose the photo of this grandson is because he was born during a crucial time in the farming operation in 2004 with a very serious heart defect. My long time employee also almost died during this time frame and is now on disability. For whatever reason 2004 became a focal point of the adverse actions of the USDA and DOJ against us.

2. The same fall of 2004 is when a crop of wheat was planted that does not exist from FSA's standpoint. Never mind the expenses and revenue were reported on the 2005 IRS 1040.

3. It would be logical for one to ask what this has to do with the finances of 2011. Since this crop of wheat does not exist we were not paid 65% of the wheat insurance for the 2009 crop. And to add insult to injury since this crop did not exist there will be no SURE payments either for the crop year 2009. Nevermind we had no idea how FSA and the crop insurance industry would twist the regs to not pay for natural disaster coverage although taking 100% of the preminum. (Just so happens the crop insurance company is owned by Wells Fargo.)

So during one of the worst of personal family times of 2004 the effects for 2010 and 2011 have come home to roost in blatant misstatements to the court, no SURE disaster payments for 2009 even with virtually total crop loss. Machinery forcefully taken with key machinery selling for literally pennies on the dollar when FSA was begged not to sell, a tainted consent order with FSA/USDA not providing the market value and no good faith whatsoever in saving our farm.

If the same principles that have been applied to us during the last few years during designated natural disasters had been applied to Wall Street bankers, Wells Fargo, AIG Insurance, General Motors and Chryler we would all be living in fiancial collapse.

The real tragedy of my lifetime of sacrifice and trying to follow the rules in a corrupt system is knowing there are people that have and will be hungry due to the these actions of FSA/USDA/USDOJ.

Ronald N Day July 4, 2011







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