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1. Electronic Federal Regulations

2. Farm Service Agency - Linked within are many resources of the statues as well as guidelines on electronic privacy.

3. United States Code: Title 11,TITLE 11—BANKRUPTCY | LII / Legal Information Institute

These are links to these site from time to time have insight into government surveillance and intrusions.

1. Electronic Frontier Foundation - The assessment of this site quite accurate in my opinion of what is occurring both in the theory of operation and the lost of our liberty by warrant less intrusions. Surveillance Self-Defense has excellent guidelines.


3. Computer World

My personal opinion is there is tremendous pressure by government entities to have back doors in hardware, software, white paper of eluding for the anti virus companies and even customized search engine results are often suspect.

It is also my theory of operation that many of the work around by government entities use 3rd party entities to do the dirty work by planting Trojan tracking malware like Shark remnants that were found on my computers.

This is a copy of the letter I sent to North Carolina Senators Richard Burr and Kay Hagan asking them not to support the renewal of the Patriot Act without warrants in large part to our experiences of the last 2 years. Letter

Interestingly enough I created the draft for this letter in the Thunderbird email client of my computer and at the last minute copied and pasted the letter into a Word document. Would you believe the draft in the email client disappeared but thank goodness I had saved the Word document.

I have understand the potential and vision of the Internet to assist farmers in the production and distribution of food and fiber to meet the needs of mankind since the '90s. As with all technology there will be a downside reflecting the vices of mankind from the ages.







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