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It is bitter irony when I read the July 15 press relief of how the USDA is trying to reassure farmers in these times of natural disasters that are occurring throughout the United States and at a time supplies of grains are critically low.

As a farmer in north central North Carolina I started having extreme weather occurrences that impacted my crops greatly starting in 2005 as witnessed also by the city of Durham just down stream 25 miles or so from my farming operation that had only 30 days or so of water left in late 2005 and that was in the rock quarry of Nello Teer.

The irony is Farm Service Agency did not assist us in any manner and when some relief was finally granted the funds would not have been released to us because we were unable to make our other payments due to this extreme drought disaster. Add 5 additional designated natural disasters with the Great Recession along with many other adverse actions and one can not imagine our state of being.

So read the news release with a lot of salt because even the SURE payments will be of no use to many as we full well have learned. Basically we were given the boot to the neck which has literally destroyed us fiscally and emotionally. I am mentally and emotionally a very focused and determined individual but the months and years of hammering on the part of FSA has taken its toll. The battle of farming is tough enough with the weather and markets and add to that a likely government entity that do not follow the statues, likely knowledgeable of crop sabotage and in my opinion knowledgeable of electronic tampering that has hindered our efforts to create a feasible plan of restructuring is simple criminal in my mind. I will discussed the skewed appraisals at another time as FSA uses the leverage of the appraisals to achieve their objective of putting a producer out of business by making it much harder to achieve feasible plan.

I have nothing but pure empathy for the farmers trying to survive the extreme weather knowing they likely having no idea of the complexity of the regs that are supposed to help them in their time of need. Heaven help them!

The July 15, 2011 USDA Press Release -

At this point in time even I have great difficulty comprehending and understanding the extreme magnitude of the targeting, sabotage, and lack of any efforts of good faith to save our farm on the part of FSA/USDA/USDOJ during these consecutive natural disasters.

As I have stated to family and friends I know how difficult much of what has occurred to us seems but it is nevertheless real...

1. The lack of 65% payment of the 2009 wheat crop insurance payment is real.

2. The 2010 soybean crop damage was real and documented by the local extension agent.

3. The stolen property is real!

4. The environmental dumping is real!

5. The intentional taking of my Alzheimer's mother tractor was real - see the Sheriffs's report!

4. The multiplmisstatementsts to the court are real as well as the omissions of critical events like the last attempt of restructuring by FSA that was the subject of one of our appeals!

5. No 2009 SURE payment even with a virtual total loss of wheat and soybeans. We have not officially filed the application but told there will be no payment by the local director Robert Satterfiedl. Messenger Mr. Husksey even complained though the U.S. Attorney Renfer to my attorney that I was questioning the SURE payments when meeting with the local FSA committee.

6. Official crop production reports at NASS for 2009 soybeans for Person County are simply inaccurate data. (12 bushels as reported by the local FSA committee versa 24 official by NASS.) The pattern is the same for other years and crops as the numbers are usually optimistic on the plus side therefore being an advantage of purchasers of grains.

7. The likely hacking and/or wiretapping of our computers and phone. This list was created on March 23, 2011. I simply could not stand it anymore and have sought investigations from the FBI but since I am not a terrorist and the fact the FBI may be investigating themselves or their software being used by another agency with the theory of domestic unauthorized surveillance may be a clue. As I have stated multiple times - surveillance is one thing but tampering, destruction is another as well as using the information and possibly providing information to adversaries in attorney-client privileges. Can this be proven in a court of law.... if the Department of Defense can not prove in court who is hacking their state of the art computers systems how do you expect a farmer to be able to prove as much. It took many resources and a lot of theory to track Stuxnet worm but the theory of operation is the same.

8. From my layman's standpoint the easiest to prove if an investigation can get high enough is through the cell calls at untimely moments. 2 of the calls remind me of the current hacking in England in that call waiting when talking about our case turns out to be likely spooked numbers. Interesting enough the last call from a security company which started by stating "the fbi says you need home security..." occurred just hours after a private investigator on my behalf looked up the numbers. To me the chance of these occurrences are much less than being hit by lighting on a sunny day. Only with live monitoring of my cell number with the conversation content 100% pertinent to our case could such a incident occur.

9. The rejection of an offer to buy just a few acres (14 acres) of family farm by a family member at the last normal appraised value was rejected by FSA.

10. I would state that the starting bid for July 6, 2011 auction of our foreclosed property was skewed due to the 65% increase in value of the 224 tract the bid is supposed to be based but since FSA Mike Husksey and US Attorney Rudy Renfer have refused to share the latest appraisal of our farm real estate get the picture.

As much as I dislike to admit it - the incorrect statement of the U.S. Attorney S. Katherine Burnette saying we had accused FSA of "extremely prejudice" which was not true now seems more relevant. Extreme Prejudice Rebuttal!

In her closing arguments at the January 10, 2011 hearing U.S. Attorney Burnette stated something to the effect the Days will never EVER be able to support a feasible plan. Perhaps Ms. Burnette has known all along information I did not know? With crop sabotage, electronic hacking - tampering, appraisal skewing, not following FSA statues she is likely right - it is more than I as a farmer can overcome on my own.

My personal advise to the producers in a similar situation as we have experienced - just take the bullet. Once you have been targeted by Farm Service Agency you will likely lose everything just as black farmers, American Indians and I know full well and it will be done with impunity.

As we have been desecrated by the very agency that I once trusted to assist in natural disaster conditions I still encourage every citizen to work on the behalf of the farmers experiencing these extreme weather conditions.. the security of our food supply depends on their survival.

Ronald N Day July 20, 2011







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